The current regulations controlling Emergency showers are :-

  • (a) Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems 2001 - Code L8.
  • (b) British Standards via ANSI Z358.1 Rev. 2009 for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment, or EU Standard prEN 15154-1:2006 - Part 1 & 2 for Laboratories only (showers for Production Facilities in planning)
  • (c) Water Supply Regulations 1999.

Water temperature is the major factor relating to this equipment. These requirements are :--

  • (d) Control of Legionella Bacteria CODE L8 prohibits the storage of water between 20°C and 40°C.
  • (e) The ANSI Standards Rev 2009 require all water from Safety Showers and Eye Washes be heated to a "tepid" temperature (above 15°C)
  • (f) Shower & Eye Wash must be able to be both operated simultaneously by the same user
  • (g) Water Supply Regulations 1999 stipulate positioning of water fittings.

To conform to these regulations All Warm Water Storage Showers will require a minium tank capacity of 915 litres, or if a reliable water supply is not available, a 1310 litres tank is required.
Extracts from the following Regulations are available for clarification:-

  • Control of Legionella CODE L8 showing only the relevant sections relating to Emergency Showers.
  • ANSI Standards showing sections relevant to the water temperature also the Combination Shower and Eyewash. These items relate to ALL Warm Water Storage Showers.

Safety Shower Specialists tank construction conforms to the requirements of the Water Supply Regulations 1999