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Emergency Safety Showers & eye Washes


Series E1250 Emergency Safety Shower and Eye Face Wash Unit

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Series E1250 Emergency Safety Shower and Eye Face Wash Unit

Emergency Safety Shower and Eye / Face Wash . Water flow and spray pattern compliant to ANSI Z358.1 -2009 and EU Standard prEN 15154-2:2006 Part 1 & 2

Stainless steel avoids water contamination and provides durability

Cost £545. each +VAT @ 20 % - (€600) items ex stock
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Emergency Shower is operated by a clearly marked “pull” handle which stays open until manually closed by “pull / push” handle which is securely connected to the lever of a 1” dia. 316 stainless steel ball valve – 1" dia. brass nozzle provides spray pattern to ANSI Z358.1-2009

Eye / face wash has a highly polished stainless bowl, 300 mm dia. to collect water to be plumbed into a drainage system via 1½” female BSP threaded connection.
Both the shower and eye / face wash can be operated simultaneously as required by Clause 7.4.4 of ANSI 2009 Standards.
Eye Wash nozzle heads are protected from airbourne contaminates by "pop-off" caps.  Activation of water automatically removes caps from nozzle heads and allows water to flush eyes and face  - operated by an easy “push down” lever connected to a ½” BSP stainless steel ball valve, water stays on until lever is replaced into off position. 

Water feed connection to shower and eye wash is through a 1" dia. male BSP S/S threaded pipe

Optional extras.

Signage :-

  1. EU standard Emergency Eye Wash and Shower signs in PVC on both sides of an aluminium plate secured to shower,
  2. High visibility signs for Shower & Eyewash in green lettering on white ABS frame supported on vertical pipework

Other items :-

     3   Stainless steel shower head 260 mm dia. in place of spray nozzle if required because of low water pressure, or if preferred

     4   Fixing bolts to secure shower base plate to concrete slab - 4 No. 10 mm dia. x 75 mm long galv. 'through fixing' bolts and matching masonry drill