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Emergency Safety Showers & eye Washes


Series E1150 Emergency Safety Shower and Drench Hose

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Emergency Safety Shower free standing. Water flow and spray pattern compliant to ANSI Z358.1 -2009 and EU Standard prEN 15154-2:2006 Part 1

Stainless steel avoids water contamination and provides durability

Cost £390. each + VAT @ 20 % - ( €429) items ex stock
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Emergency Shower is operated by a clearly marked 'pull' handle which stays open until manually closed by 'pull / push' handle which is securely connected to the lever of a 1” dia. 316 stainless steel ball valve – 1" dia. brass nozzle provides spray pattern to ANSI Z358.1-2009

Drench Hand Hose. Provides water to flush a portion of the body at a velocity low enough not to be injurious to the user, in accordance with Clause 8.2.1 of ANSI-2009. brass chrome nozzle on a ABS body, nozzle retained in a S/S cover, secured to shower, to protect from airborne contaminates - 2000 mm flexible hose - operated by a spring controlled trigger - constructed of all non-corrodible materials - hose retained in a S/S pull loop at base of shower to avoid a possible tripping hazard to passers by.

Optional Extras

Signage :-

     2.   EU standard Emergency Shower sign in PVC on both sides of an aluminium plate secured to shower,

     3.   High visibility signs for Shower & Drencher in green lettering on white ABS frame supported on vertical pipework

Other items :-

     4.   Stainless steel shower head 260 mm dia. in place of spray nozzle if required because of low water pressure, or if preferred     4.   Fixing bolts to secure shower base plate to concrete slab - 4 No. 10 mm dia. x 75 mm long galv. 'through fixing' bolts and matching masonry drill