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Emergency Safety Showers & eye Washes

P.P.E Decontamination Showers

For personnel in protective clothing (internal or external)

ppe Decontamination Shower Heated Non Freeze Units

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Model 2900 Series

Developed for a major pharmaceutical company the showers are constructed from all stainless steel items, in a satin finish. 12 spray nozzles completely covers and cleans the full area of the protected suit. 3 HIGH IMPACT nozzles are specifically for cleaning boots and bottom leg area.

No other company offers all these essential functions.

The detergent is induced into the water and emitted through all 12 nozzles - and/or the separate cleaning brush as and when required. If detergent induction is shut off, the clean water will remove all substances (including residue detergents) from the suit.

Water can be removed from the pipe work to prevent freezing for external locations.


ppe decontamintation shower Heated Non Freeze Units

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Decontamination Shower & Combined Safety Shower

Model 2101

This unique unit provides two functions suitable for the protection of Process Personnel.

It is a multi-spray Safety Shower with low water pressures suitable for personnel in standard work wear i.e. boiler suits etc. BUT simply pulling a control lever an additional valve will increase the water flow and pressure to convert the unit into a De-Con Shower to provide decontamination of Personnel in Protective Equipment PPE.

The unit is self standing and can be moved when supplied by a flexible hose or can be a fixed external unit with non freeze protection.

The shower is operated by an aluminium tread plate and will always operate initially as a safety shower until the control lever is operated to increase water flow and pressure. After use the shower unit will always revert to a Safety Shower. This ensures personnel do not receive the wrong facilities. The conversion from a Safety Shower to a Decontamination Shower has to be carried out by a specific action which is clearly labelled to avoid any wrong operations.