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Portable Haz-Matt Decontamination Shower Systems

Portable HazMatt Decontamination Showers HazMatt Decontamination of firefighters and their equipment

Most Comprehensive Range In Europe

Decontamination of firefighters and their equipment, quickly and efficiently.

Easily assembled and folded for transportation.

Induction of detergents and neutralising agents.

Constructed of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

HazMatt Decontamination Primary Unit HazMatt Decontamination of Firefighters

Model 2302

Safety Shower Specialists, specialists in the design and development of Industrial Safety Showers to ANSI. Z3581 1990 at the request of a major Fire Department produced the Safety Shower Specialists range of Portable Hazmat Decontamination Showers, Inducers and Filters for safeguard of Firefighters after involvement in chemical incidents.

The Fire Dept. requirements were for the highest possible standard of decontamination in the shortest possible time, to ensure the maximum safety of their personnel. It was also required, if neccessary; to be capable of Mass Decontamination of Civilian Personnel.

The principle factors required are:-

  • Decontaminate a person wearing full protective clothing and breathing apparatus in two minutes or less.
  • Remove the need for assisting man-power during the decontamination process by the use of a mechanical system and reduce the element of possibility and human error.
  • Rigidity and robust construction to withstand the rigours of Fire Service Operation.
  • Function in a manner which gives confidence to personnel that their safety is assured when their supply is running low.
  • Be easily transported and assembled at the scene of incident.
  • Induce detergents for efficient cleaning and/ or neutralising agents.
  • Filters to protect the system.

Primary Showers

The Primary Shower ensures that decontamination facilities are immediately available at the scene of an incident. Due to its storage area this unit is capable of being carried on Emergency Vehicles so that personnel may be safeguarded until the arrival of the Full Body Unit with the chemical cleansing equipment. It can be carried by one man and assembled in less than 30 seconds.
Alternatively the Primary Shower may be adequate for smaller incidents where the degree of contamination is not great.

Rigid aluminium base plates support a vertical pipe incorporating seven high velocity spray nozzles and two overhead nozzles, all of which allow variations in spray pattern. The position and angle of nozzles are essential to give maximum cleaning effect on protective clothing, footwear and breathing apparatus. Basic movement procedure is carried out by the recipient turning through 360°, which then provides total coverage.

'Water supply is via the standard delivery hose or alternatively a high pressure hose. At a pressure of 4 to 5 Bar water delivery is approximately 180/240 litres per minute. This can be reduced by approx. 40% if the valve is closed supplying water to the lower section only. The base plate which also forms the outer cover when folded, is of aluminium, while the pipework is in stainless steel with nozzles and fittings all in non corrosive materials. Protection is given to the spray nozzles and hinged couplings when placed in the folded condition, the unit is both sturdy and long lasting.

HazMatt Decontamination Full Body Unit HazMatt Decontamination Active Simulation

Full Body Unit 2205

The unit will decontaminate persons wearing gas tight or splash units including breathing apparatus in, or under, two minutes. To achieve this, water is applied at 1100 litres per minute at a pressure of 5 Bar to protection suits, underside of boots and vulnerable parts of breathing equipment etc. Basic movements are carried out in the shower to expose the external surfaces of clothing and equipment. The high velocity spray nozzles permit variations of spray patterns; positions of the nozzles are essential to obtain maximum cleaning effect. The nozzles are located in four vertical pipes that form the frame of the shower. Water concentration is designed to be retained within this framework in order to reduce water loss whilst obtaining the best efficiency. Maximum water run-off is a base level. Optional shut off valves are available at waist height, allowing decontamination of just the lower part of the body and B.A. control valves. This permits the decontamination of personnel wearing non-gas type suits, conserves water and therefore reduces contaminated run-off.

The folding unit permits convenient storage and transport facilities. Also with a weight of 60 Kilos it can be carried by two men and be easily assembled in less than a minute. The shower remains rigid once assembled and during use.

Water supply is via a standard hose and connected at base level with a fire brigade coupling. Constructed of Stainless Steel piping together with an aluminum tread plate. Non-Ferrous nozzles and valves ensure that the shower is resistant to corrosion and will prove a most durable item of equipment capable of withstanding rigorous treatment.


The prime factor is to ensure the Fire Fighter is in safe condition quickly and efficiently. It naturally follows that the protective clothing and breathing apparatus will also benefit. A secondary factor lays in the decision as to whether the contaminated water should be contained. In ascertaining the likely quantity of contaminating substance, which would be present on the clothing and apparatus of a person involved in an accident, it was estimated that this would not be greater than approx. 1 litre. Any further quantity would spill off and not be retained. In the maximum situation, the recipient would spend two minutes within the Full Body unit. During this period, a total quantity of 2000 litres would be sprayed over the contaminated equipment giving a dilution factor of 2000/1. With this high dilution factor it was considered a safe condition was achieved therefore containment of water from the showers was excluded. When considering the actual chemical incident, the amount retained on the fire fighter was considered to be insignificant in terms of contaminating the area. if the circumstances provided possible drain-off into foul sewers etc. and were acceptable to the Authorities then obviously this would be adopted and the shower water run-off would be routed into this system. Safety Shower Specialists also provides inline inducers for connection into feed lines to showers. By this method detergents, bleaching or wetting agents can be used where chemicals may require breaking down or where biohazards etc. are encountered. Also filters are available to protect the system.

Model 2205
Control / Inducer

Control / Inducer

The Control / Inducer, used in conjunction with the Safety Shower Specialists Hazmat portable shower system, provides additional advantages and extends the capability of the equipment. Units are installed at any point in the water supply line - usually about ten meters from the showers for optimum visual control.

The Control / Inducer allows the flow of water to the showers to be shut off easily without interference with the pumping units, thereby saving water and allowing the tank reservoir within the vehicle to be maintained at a safe level. The facility to reduce the pressure and the flow means that the system can be used for people who are not wearing protective clothing but who have become contaminated with chemicals. A gentle spray of water is provided which will help to flood off chemicals from the skin. This is a difficult procedure to obtain through the vehicle pump surges and mains fluctuations.


Chemical cleaning agents can be easily introduced into the water flow with this unit. The percentage of agent to water is infinitely variable, but would usually need to be around 5%.

In this way oil-based chemicals can be quickly broken down and thus removed from the suits and equipment.

When fully cleaned by this method, protective suits can be returned to their storage facilities immediately with no potential deterioration from contamination.

A wide variety of agents can be used in this way, including low viscosity agents to prevent toxic fumes from 'gassing off' where chemicals have been absorbed into the fabric of protective clothing.

Model 2400 (in G.R.P Carrying Box)

Model 2400 is an effective portable decontamination shower. Supplied to the MoD for all branches of the Armed Forces and to the Emergency Services over the past 7 years. It has a well proven record in the UK & European Countries.

The stainless steel structure fits into the sturdy GRP box no larger than a suitcase. When assembled, in less than one minute, it forms a rigid sturdy structure. Unlike flexible piping the S/S tubes and non corrodible fittings will not rot and therefore the unit is reliable at all times for active use.

The 16 water nozzles provide total body coverage automatically and effectively ensures no body area is missed.

One shower can be used individually or a number of showers can be placed in a corridor system to deal with large number of casualties.

Folded - The unit is in 10 complete pipe sections with fittings attached.

Mass Decontamination

In the case of large-scale industrial accidents, chemical clouds etc, the decontamination of large numbers of people in civilian clothes becomes a priority.

By the use of PRIMARY or FULL BODY showers standing together to form corridors, and using CONTROL INDUCERS to reduce flow and pressure the equipment used by Fire-fighters can be formed into a 'walk-through' mass decontamination facility.

It must be appreciated that, where a large number of people are involved, a continuous facility is the only answer, since emergency vehicles are limited to removing only a handful of people at any one journey. it is also essential that those few have received some decontamination treatment; otherwise the rescue vehicle itself would quickly become a source of pollution. The facility to cover the rows of showers is also available, for protection against inclement weather and where it is necessary to remove contaminated clothing to replace with blankets or other emergency replacement items.

Model 2400 Mass Decontamination

Radioactive and Biochemical decontamination

For radioactive and biochemical decontamination water cannot be allowed to run to natural soak ways and must therefore be contained.

Using the Safety Shower Specialists FULL BODY shower within a decontamination shelter does this. This consists of a cover over the shower attached to an Safety Shower Specialists De-Con Dam and recycled to a larger dam or tank.

Water used in the shower and containment dam is recycled without undue loss of water. Due to the low chemical content of the equipment contamination is kept very low.

This system is also very effective in Hazmat incidents where water supply is restricted due to the re-cycling system. A large number of personnel can be decontaminated with a relatively small amount of water.

Decontamination shower & Combined safety shower Model 2101

This unique unit provides two functions suitable for the protection of Process Personnel. it is a multi-spray Safety Shower with low water pressure suitable for personnel in standard work wear i.e. boiler suits, etc. BUT by simply pulling a control lever an additional valve will increase the water flow and pressure to convert the unit into a De-Con Shower to provide decontamination of personnel in protective Equipment PPE.

The unit is self standing and can be moved when supplied by a flexible hose or can be a fixed external unit with non freeze protection.

The shower is operated by an aluminum tread plate and will always operate initially as a safety shower until the control lever is operated to increase water flow and pressure. After use the Shower Unit will always revert to safety shower. This ensures personal do not receive the wrong facilities. The conversion from a Safety Shower to a Decontamination Shower has to be carried out by a specific action which is clearly labelled to avoid any wrong operations.

Radioactive and Biochemical decontamination Decontamination shower & Combined safety shower Maodel 2101

Custom Design

Safety Shower Specialists Ltd can offer a custom design service on request.

A custom design service is available on request