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Emergency Safety Showers & eye Washes

Options for Warm Water Shower Units


Warm Water Shower Units Lighting

Warm Water Showers Strip Lighting

Strip lighting is situated on the outside of shower tank to allow the area inside and outside of shower is to be illuminated. The light is also transmitted onto shower tank and Safety Shower sign to enable the unit to be seen at night or in dark locations.

Clause 7.4.3 of the ANSI Standards specify that the area around a combination unit is to be well-lit


Protective Enclosures

Warm Water Shower Units Protective Enclosures

Warm Water Shower Units Protective Enclosures

Showers can be provided on two sides if access is required from both sides or three side if access is required from only one direction. The covers give protection from inclement weather.

Covers can be supplied in aluminum, stainless steel or clear polycarbonate.

We can supply these items in GRP but we do not recommend this material at low level as the material can chip if knocked and form a sharp edge, causing cuts etc., but this can be supplied if the client has a preference.


Pump Unit

Warm Water Shower Pump Unit

Warm Water Shower Pump Unit

If the area required for sighting of the shower has a low headroom. The shower and tank can be separated with a pump installed with the tank unit. The pump will be operated by a trip switch when the shower or eye wash is activated.

Recommend distance from the shower to the tank approximately 18 meters or grater if the line between the units is trace heated to maintain warm water in the line.

The pump can supply two shower units if required.

The system is flexible and suitable for various conditions.


Tread Plate

Warm Water Shower Tread Plate

Over head shower drencher can be operated by an aluminum tread plate which is sprung loaded to stop water omitting from the shower as soon as the person vacates the unit.

This avoids water dripping and causing a hazard around the area of the shower and also avoids loss of heated water.




General General

Audible and lighting alarms, level gauges, temperature gauges, limit switches etc., supplied in either I.P Rating or Flameproof Electrical Standards