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Emergency Safety Showers & eye Washes

Heated Non Freeze Units - Series 1300

Heated Non Freeze Units

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Model 1305

Self supporting Safety Shower consisting of overhead spray drencher and TWO body sprays operated by a "Push" lever allowing shower and Eye / Face Wash to be operated simultaneously by the same user, as specified in Clause 7.4.4 of the ANSI 2004 Standards - overhead drencher and body sprays will provide 75.7 litres per minute minimum in accordance with the American National Standards Z358.1 for Emergency Safety Showers and Eyewashes - constructed of stainless steel pipe work, brass valves and nozzles, all non corrodible fittings - pipe work from stainless steel base level inclusive of 11/2" dia stainless steel valve is prevented from freezing by Auto Trace Self Regulating Heating Tape, terminating in junction box - trace heating and lower section of shower is encased in a removable GRP enclosure and replacement of trace heating, if required, can be made without dismantling or removing the shower (in approx. 15 minutes) - in addition to British Standard Safety Shower Signs on the top section of the shower there is a high visibility "shower and eyewash" GRP green sign placed on the vertical pipework - inclusive of electrical junction box.


Eye/face wash unit provides water to eyes and face -water is automatically drained from pipe work after use -manufactured in stainless steel frame, pipe work and valve, with all non corrodible fittings - spray nozzles are protected from airborne contaminates - unit stays open when in use allowing hands free to open eyes etc. -operated by an easy "pull down" action, on replacing cover water is automatically shut off and spray nozzles are protected - robust unit suitable for Process Industries.


Flameproof electrical items can be provided -  Lights, audible alarms etc are also available on request.