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Emergency Safety Showers & eye Washes

Warm Water Emergency Showers 915 Litre Capacity

Conforming fully to legal standards and ANSI Z358.1 - 2009 - Series 1200

915 Litre Capacity Warm Water Emergency Shower

Series 1803 Eye / Face Wash in a closed position to protect nozzles from contamination.

Strip lighting situated on the outside of the shower tank to allow the area inside and outside of shower to be illuminated.

Eye / Face Wash showing water spray to ANSI standards.

Aluminium tread plate to operate shower with automatic shut off of water supply.

Eye / Face wash positioned internally in accordance with Clause 7.4.4

To conform to the standards, this 915 litre tank capacity requires a reliable mains water feed to refill tank as water discharges


Free standing shower constructed of a stainless steel frame with storage capacity of 915 litres in GRP insulated sealed tank unit with closing lid - spray pattern and flow of 76 litres per minute all conform to ANSI Standards Z3581.2004 - water is heated with thermostatically controlled heater maintaining water temperature between 15°C-20°C and therefore reduces the shock when the person enters the shower but prevents the regeneration of Legionella Bacteria - all items are non-corrodible and can be protected from freezing allowing the unit to be located externally.

Series 1803 Eye/face Wash Unit provides warm water fed direct from heated tank, operated by a simple "push" down action - water spray pattern and flow of 11.4 litres per minute all conform to ANSI Standards Z3581.2004 - person using the eye wash only receives warm thus relieving shock when sprayed onto the eyes and face. - constructed of stainless steel with all non-corrodible fittings. Electrical items can be supplied in IP Ratings or Flameproof equipment

Additional equipment supplied as specified in "optional items"