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Emergency Safety Showers & eye Washes

Warm Water Emergency Showers 350 Litre Capacity

Not conforming to legal standards - Series 1100

350 Litre Capacity Warm Water Emergency Shower

Series 1803 Eye / Face Wash in a closed position to protect nozzles from contamination etc.

Aluminium tread plate to operate shower with automatic shut off of water supply.

The 350 litre tank capacity is not large enough to ensure the water does not exceed 20° C and provide a water discharge of 77.2 litres per minute for 15 minutes as required by the ANSI Code, unless pre-heated water is feed into the tank during discharge. If water is retained in the tank at a higher temperature of 20° C but lower than 45° C then it is not in accordance with the Control of Legionella Bacteria, Code L8 - 2001 (Therefore the client's own safety specification has to apply)


Free standing shower with storage capacity of 350 litres supplied to meet clients own specification.

Water is stored in a GRP insulated sealed tank unit with closing lid - water can be heated with thermostatically controlled heater - tank is supported on stainless steel frames, pipe work and fittings in contact with water are all stainless steel, brass valves etc. with all non corrodible fittings - shower can be operated by a tread plate or push bar - shower can be protected from freezing to allow for external location.

Eye/face wash can be provided to supply warm water to eyes and face - water is fed direct from heated tank, - spray nozzles are protected from airborne contaminates, unit stays open when in use allowing hands free to open eyes etc. - operated by an easy "lean in" action, on return of cover water is automatically shut off and spray nozzles are protected - robust unit suitable for external locations.

The unit cannot be provided with a full Conformity Certificate as it does not conform to the ANSI Standards, EU Standards or Control of Legionella Bacteria Code L8 if warm water is used. However the water flow and spray pattern from the Shower and Eye / Face wash is in accordance with the ANSI Standards