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Emergency Safety Showers & eye Washes

Warm Water Emergency Showers 2000 Litre Capacity

Conforming fully to legal standards and ANSI Z358.1 - 2009 - Series 1200

Warm Water Emergency Shower 2000 Litre Capacity

Rear panel contructed of Stainless Steele with side panels in clear polycarbonate for clear visibility. Flexible curtain can be added to entrance.

Strip lighting situated on the outside of the shower tank to allow the area inside and outside of shower to be illuminated.

Eye / Face Wash showing water spray to ANSI standards.

Warm Water Emergency Shower Aluminium tread plate

Aluminium tread plate to operate shower with automatic shut off of water supply.

Eye / Face wash positioned internally in accordance with Clause 7.4.4

This shower will conform to the standards, for one person, without a refill from the mains water supply


Free standing shower with a 2000 litre capacity Warm Water Storage tank.

This model was constructed for a European company that wanted to ensure that if an incident occurred on their plant and the electricity to the water pumps was shut down then they would still have sufficient water to cover the minimum decontamination period required in the ANSI Standards. Also the area within the shower facilities provided room for the recipient to remove their clothing in a protected area from inclement weather but would still be under supervision due to the clear polycarbonate panels in case medical facilities were required.

Constructed of a stainless steel frame with all non-corrodible fittings - spray pattern and flow of 76 litres per minute all conform to ANSI Standards Z3581.2004 - water is heated with thermostatically controlled heater maintaining water temperature between 15°C-20°C and therefore reduces the shock when the person enters the shower but prevents the regeneration of Legionella Bacteria - all items can be protected from freezing allowing the unit to be located externally. Flexible curtains can be provide over the entrance to give additional protection.

Series 1803 Eye/face Wash Unit provides warm water fed direct from heated tank, operated by a simple "push / pull" down action - water spray pattern and flow of 11.4 litres, per minute all conform to ANSI Standards Z3581.2004 - person using the eye wash only receives warm thus relieving shock when sprayed onto the eyes and face. - constructed of stainless steel with all non-corrodible fittings. Electrical items can be supplied in IP Ratings or Flameproof equipment

Additional equipment supplied as specified in "Optional Items"